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The follow are a couple of pictures taken at Baker Automotive in Wilburham, MA. Kim Baker, long time Corvette racer and 1980's Corvette Challenge Champion, is the owner operator. He and his chief mechanic, Steve, are the only ones I would trust to work on my Corvette.

Click on any picture for larger view.

Here is Steve on the left and Kim on the right. They had just finished adjusting the alignment on my C5.

Steve and Kim

Here is Steve and Kim again along with the owner of the C5. Kim and I have the same last names but, to the best of our knowledge, we are not related.

Steve, Kim, and me

Here are 2 pictures of my C5 next to Kim's highly modified BR-1.(BR for Baker Racing rather than ZR) This is the car that won the Pony Express and Silver State Classic (unlimited division) a couple of years ago. Horsepower is estimated in excess of 800. Top speed is over 250mph. Car is For Sale. You can call Kim for info and pricing at 413-596-9475.

front view of Kim's ZR-1 and the C5  rear view of Kim's car and C5

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