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Here is a little picture story of the delivery of my 2000 Millennium Yellow Corvette.

Ron, pictured below, is the transport driver that delivered my car on Friday the 13th. His brother was able to call the transport depot and get Ron to pick up a load with my car on it. They knew that I had to drive from FL to Cape Cod, MA. Notice that Ron intentionally had my car on the very end so that it would be the first off. That way it could be checked in, inspected, and prepared, for the 1500 mile drive home.

Getting the runners ready so the Corvettes can be backed off the transporter

I have just finished thanking Ron for making a super effort to get my car to the dealership so that I won't have to spend the weekend in FL waiting for my car to show up. The car sat for 2 or 3 days at a rail depot just 30 minutes from where I stand. These transport drivers are great and really care about the people they service.

Here she is fresh off the transporter and waiting to be checked in. What a thrill to see it finally arrive. Watched it being built 2 weeks prior to this picture. Hard to believe that she's finally arrived. 

Here are the 3 Millennium Yellow C5's delivered to Steve Moore Chevrolet. Mine is in the middle, a convertible is to the left, and another coupe is on the right.

Once the car is checked in it goes to the prep area. Here all the fluids are being checked. It is a very thorough process. I was very impressed with the detail and care that each car gets. Julio is the main prep guy and he is excellent at what he does.

Not sure if you can see the lift pads or not. Perfect fit and the whole top section is all rubber. Every dealership should be required to have a lift like this to service the Corvette.

One of the final things that Julio does is to fit the license plate frame around the plate. I can't say enough about the prep area. They are the best I've ever seen.

The Brown Girls did some painting for me. Did the front license cover in silver. The 4 wheel center caps come through plain. Had them do the logo in black.

Here are the Brown girls after just finishing the silver Corvette lettering on the rear of the car. I watched them pinstripe a Chevy in about 10 minutes. They do excellent work.

And who makes all this happen? Sharon Dibble. She and all the folks at Steve Moore Chevrolet make the buying experience of a new Corvette a very pleasant one. Sharon can be reached by calling 1-800-891-3404. In the state of Florida it's 1-800-258-5757. I am in no way connected to Steve Moore Chevy but think they deserve a plug as they were excellent. 






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