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Here are some pics of the Rolex 24hr at Daytona on February 5th and 6th. The C5-R Corvette finished 2nd overall. In an earlier 3hour race on Friday, the C5 Corvette bested Porsches and Vipers to finish 1st. Quite a weekend for the Corvette.

Dan is there to greet us and get us lined up for the big PACE LAP!

We've not been drinking!   Dan and Rick

The YELLOW 2000's are lined up 1st to lead the parade of over 190 Corvettes

Can't get all the cars in one shot so have to take sections.

click for larger image 

This is my favorite shot taken by my co-driver Rick Long


More shots of the Corvettes lined up to do the pace lap.

    click for larger view

Out onto the track. What a view of the pace car from the "pole".

view from "Pole" position

Down the front straight and through the infield. Pace car moved along nicely!

    click for larger view

The #3 Car before the race began.

The garage area and the C5-R's. How about that engine!

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Here are the drivers of the #3 car. Andy Pilgrim is in the middle.

Here is the Caddy...never thought I'd ever see one at Daytona! That digital steering wheel is something else.


Finally, Paul Newman and his 18 year old co-driver waiting to do an interview via satellite. Not sure what the car is but they were tons of  them there!!!!

Paul Newman and his 18 yr old co-driver


That's it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures half as much as I enjoyed being there to take them!

Oh, just one more. Rick Long sent me this one. Sunday, during the race, we were doing lap times of the Corvette and the Viper. Oh, for just 30+ more seconds....

motor head heaven!











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